Adobe Flash Player (Safari/Firefox) for Mac



The official Flash movie player by Adobe


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Adobe Flash Player is an essential element when browsing the Internet because it allows you to view a lot of animations and movies.

If your browser can't play Flash content correctly, you may view uncomplete websites and blank spaces. Sometimes the websites are fully programmed in Flash and you can't access them without this application.

Youtube videos use FLV format, supported by Adobe Flash Player, that means you need this application to view youtube videos, and that's a good reason to install it.

Adobe Flash Player is prepared for the following browsers: Safari, Firefox and Opera. PowerPC version also suports Netscape, Mozilla and AOL.

Adobe Flash Player is available for Intel and PowerPC. If you click Download, you'll download the Intel version.If you need the PowerPC version clic here to download the version you need.This version of Adobe Flash Player is not supported by iPhone.

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